Thursday, 25 April 2013


I was going to hold off posting on LOOKBOOK for a week or so but it's just too fun there.

NYLON guy is inspired by everything NYLON and NYLON guys magazines stand for. It's one of my favourite magazines. It's everything cool, casual and fresh. NYLON guys dress well and are styled perfectly all day everyday. We're adventurous and smart, and always the life of the party. There's always an element of fun with this look to remind us that life and fashion intersect at a point called 'style'.

1. Megabyte Sunglasses from Sophisticated Ignorance
Great sunglasses with an 8-bit type frame. Everyone loves them because they're full of character and fun. Exactly what a NYLON guy look should have.

2. Slim Fit Blazer from ASOS
Mustard is quite a hard colour to pull off, especially for Asians, it's like a second slab of skin when you look in the mirror. But as with all blazers, it's important to have a good fit to maintain a silhouette which helps with the structuring of the whole look. It also often helps to roll or fold up the sleeves to maintain a casual look and helps the fitting better I think. When you buy blazers, make sure that it is a little tight when you button up so that you can leave it unbuttoned and still maintain the great cutting and structure of a blazer.

3. 'Diablos' Skill Pin from Sophisticated Ignorance
A fun addition to a blazer - sometimes a blazer (especially in mustard) can look too bland on its own or too mustardy. Break it up and distract other people's eyes with a pin that shows off some character.

4. 'Votive' Cross Necklace from Sophisticated Ignorance
I always wanted a really chunky rosary necklace and this one is pretty good but a bit too light for me. It's basically a big cross made of wood but yeah, would look for a heavier one. Sometimes my neck feels naked when I wear it.

5. Watch from K-Swiss
I love this watch because it's just super stylish. It's a chunky watch in brown and it's got so many hands and numbers all over the place.

6. Bracelet Pack from River Island
Three colours - white, brown and black - suitable for almost all looks and I often pick and choose between the three to wear. It's great and gives a lot of variety.

7. The Beatles shirt by Maverick Republic
Maverick Republic is a Chinese brand and their T-shirts are very cool and sublimated with nice graphics. I enjoy a lot of their pieces. This shirt just waves the NYLON flag at me so it's great!

8. Black Skinny Jeans from Cheap Monday
Ok - I promise I'll consider wearing other stuff next time but they're just super comfortable and wearable everyday.

9. Suede Boots from Clarks
I love my Clarks - they're the second best pair of shoes I got last year (the best is yet to come although they're not as wearable everyday). They have a great look and everyone compliments them.


  1. Even as a girl, self-esteem has gone down. I love blazers worn more casually, and your silhouette description makes sense. Mayhaps you can be a stylist with the ladies of our homeland: Trinny and Suzannah.

  2. love the tee! :)

  3. Cool blazer dude! I love how you have so much to say about every single piece you're wearing. It's a great and cool new way of style blogging. Keep it up!