Friday, 26 April 2013

LOOKBOOK | Brain System

Spending way too much time there.

Brain System is a simple look of versatility and personality. The double sided jacket gives a lot of dynamics to the look. Wearing it unzipped, it gives a hint of what's underneath, especially during movement. This is true for everyone's style, reflecting a bit of their personality. One of the most simple outfit I wear with just a T-shirt and jacket - almost not Lookbook worthy (It seems that there has to be an outstanding piece there - but there is! I promise).

1. Two-Way Bomber Jacket from Takeo Kikuchi
A great item - I really enjoy double sided jackets because they lift the look and are so versatile during the course of the day. The other side is of a sharp blue which is less wearable but having it under the black gives the look a lot of interest especially in movement (when you're walking, the hints of blue really pop). The materials are very well selected to give it a wet look. One of my favourite jackets. I also really enjoy the two stripes down the arms because they show so much character.

2. Peace T-shirt from GS by German Sklyarsky
One of the best shirts I have sentimentally from a good friend for my birthday last year. The giant logo is great and having it under the jacket makes it feel quite mysterious.

3. Navyish Skinny Jeans from Cheap Monday
There, finally not the black ones. I like the colour of these jeans because it's not what you usually expect. It's like a washed out navy colour.

4. White Skytops from Supra
If you know me I always have a pair of white high top shoes. I like these shoes for their patent leather/PVC whatever it is, material - they make it look wet and always new. It's really easy to clean, you can basically wipe off almost anything. But be careful of stressing them too much because that can leave bad marks. Supra shoes are actually too chunky for me to wear daily unlike my older ones from Dior Homme which are more wearable for me everyday. Also, a lot of people like to tuck their jeans into their Supras but I don't do this a lot because it cuts the legs short. And you should never present the illusion of short legs.


  1. It's strange how there are four of you in this photo. The stripes down the arms just add to the dimension of your model height, hate you >_> Why can't I Bebo heart here?

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  4. really cool look man, love the bomber jacket