Thursday, 2 May 2013

The closeness of a Burberry Trenchcoat

To a certain extent this item has become a joke among my friends and I - not in the sense that it's laughable or a joke in any derogatory sense, but a joke as in it's something we talk about out of nowhere and would just say that it's something we want. I think this item to us symbolises something greater than just an expensive trench coat but carries with it many meanings of friendship. But yeah, can you all buy me a Burberry trench coat? And we'll have a Burberry trench coat party. Say yes.


  1. That sounds pretty swell, a Burberry trench coat party. And you and your friends could walk around like a million bucks eating dry canapes because you can't risk spillage.

    1. Lets do this along with the same height party idea lol. I love canapé. The best things.