Saturday, 25 May 2013

To buy..

I've always never been good at saving money, I always overspend what I allow myself without even thinking. I spend everything in my wallet and when I have nothing in my wallet I visit the ATM, but I have almost nothing to show for my money because it's almost always on food or transport. I think I'll use this to remind myself what I am working every Tuesday night and Saturday for and save up for something to really spoil myself.

PONY top star sneakers
Time to save up for these. The design is so simple and I love the angle thing. I can wear these all day every day.

BALMAIN navy-contrast trimmed tuxedo
Saw this one recently and since it's 21st year with my friends and I. We all need (/really want) some formal wear and I think this is such a great set because it is something quite unique and different but at the same time sensible. It's a great stand out set.

BURBERRY trenchcoat
The classic trenchcoat. It offers such effortless style that never goes out of date. Can't wait, winter will be here soon :D

I forgot about two fragrances I really wanted, so here they are.

Viktor & Rolf spicebomb
Such an interesting and excellent scent. I love the name of this cologne and the muskyness is great for winter. Also, the ad campaign is great! The smell on paper may sound like it's your grandma's cooking recipe, but the spices give off a really well put together and balanced scent. I love the little hints of cinnamon and everything works well.

Thierry Mugler a men
This is the famous Angel fragrance but for men. This is less of a wintery cologne but... the ad is so awesome.

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  1. The Balmain tux looks amaze. And boys always look 1000% better in suits and tuxes!!

    Also, a blogger friend just bought a Burberry trench lately omgggg she looks soooo good in it arghhhh!!! Pity they cost £900+ :(