Friday, 3 May 2013

LOOKBOOK | Crayons

Crayons is a fun look of matching colours. The palette of mainly red and black really packs a punch along with a lion necklace and bullet bracelet. I wish I had more crayons now. I like the clashes of prints in this look - it makes it more quirky and unique. It's like I've got different sets of crayons from Crayola, Faber-Castell and whatever other brands there are.

Patterned Shirt 'Gold fit' from D&G
It's a great shirt and the fabric is really comfortable. I like the dot pattern which makes the look interesting and the clash of dots and stripes give this look a lot of character. Also, the shirt fitted me perfectly so I had to buy it.

Striped Sweater from D&G
The most interesting thing about this sweater is its own clash of prints. I thought it was clever to have the stripes which cut off at the cuffs and the bottom of the sweater to give a lot of character and individuality to the look. It's also quite a unique and unusual colour to match greys with red and black, kudos to the design team.

Lion Necklace
It's something just for me. A big lion head hanging on my neck.

Bullet Bracelet
I've never seen anyone else with this so I love it even more. It's full of personality itself and adds a lot to the look to give me a lot of character. One of the best accessories I purchased a few years ago.

Classic Red Vans from Vans
Actually got these on sale and it wasn't the first colour of choice but these were the only ones left. My friend and I bought the same colour at the same time. Time to be twins.

Yeah and now, back to Boston Legal, I mean doing my Equity assignment.


  1. MORE RED, PLAID PLAID PLAID PLAID. I never knew you got a bullet bracelet, great, that's one birthday present idea off the hypothetical list >_> Your Vans don't look so worn out as mine, tell me your secrets.

  2. Ever vivid stripes ^w^Great composition <3 Welcome to another &