Sunday, 5 May 2013

Three Ties (Trinity, Eldridge & Christensen)

Hi there, lately I've been finding new methods of procrastinating and came across doing ties on Tumblr and started doing more research. I found three that I really liked and they're more interesting than the usual ones (like the half-Windsor), which can make it much more fun when you're attending special events but still cool for everyday. I went with the Trinity, Eldridge and Christensen knots. It's quite interesting to use these with dress shirts like this one from Givenchy :D

Trinity is more interesting up close because from afar it can resemble the Windsor. Eldridge is similar but I like this sort of overlapping texture more - although I feel that it's less wearable casually. Christensen makes an interesting pattern while retaining more sensibility than the other two.

I want a gold tie. I think that will help these show better.

Here are the ways to tie them. Credits to BLACK LAPEL and random google images for the Christensen knot (lol). If they're still not clear and you want a go, I suggest you google more or youtube tutorials.

Let us be dapper.


  1. Oh! I saw this before~~
    There were a few others too, but forgot to save the piccy, although i'm sure you'll be able to find by google imaging it :P