Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Norma Jeane never died

On a day too cold for band tank tops but just warm enough for a Beatles t-shirt, Bambino and I visited the former hipster hub of Sydney - Newtown. Norma Jean never died and Norma Jean was everywhere (so were British things - where we came from). A pretentious day of band shirts and visiting vinyl stores, we had the most non-organic food - fish and chips. Oh yeah, we also went to a lot of 'vintage' overpriced op shops and bought nothing (here was when we realised that it was the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe). It was a good day as all days are with me, book stores and cafe hopping, ending up at the formerly hipster thing to get gelato before froyo took over with its more organic ness and lower calories. Unfortunately we didn't get any hand readings done.

I met a black cat at an op shop and it liked me a lot :D I'm not usually a cat person though.

Get ready for overly processed and squared photos. Only cosmic powers can save you now. Trust me, it's an onslaught.

I'm from the jungle

Stencil art was always one of my favourite things

Many flavours of soy candles


You know..

The misunderstood Marilyn


When you're very classy, you can play chess with yourself

Baby in the arms of fashion

Browsing in some section

The power of three teas

The hangout

Dreaming of rooftop restaurants

Baby pope

Matt's friend

Revolution 9


Where we're from

The endless possible meanings


  1. You forgot your 'Donatella says no' tag, I'm cut. How did this seriously happen today, it was kinda a strange dream but maybe because I smelt something I shouldn't have had in that hemp store. We should've bought some watermelon candles. They were pretty amazing. And we'll find another location to play at next time with fewer froyo stops.

    1. it did feel quite surreal but we have pictures to prove it. on top of that they will be lookbooked later.
      today was a francis bacon painting