Thursday, 4 June 2015

Instadigest | 2015 Autumn

Dear life,

I am writing to inform you of my happiness that most of my exams are over. On top of that, I am finally getting time to plan my trip to the U.S. properly. Although the study/examination period was not particularly demanding anyway - seeing as I had time to finish seasons 2-3 of Suits, season 17 of the Simpsons, millions of hours of Sir David Attenborough-narrated documentaries, watch The Good Wife, Dexter, picked up a good book - Old Man and the Sea (gotta start with the classics), start House of Cards and the general busy-ness of graduate applications and their assessments. House of Cards is so off-putting for me. I hate him so much lol it's just I don't know.

Autumn was quite productive this time round and I am glad that I got all that done and lots more, like planning my S2 exchange and many miscellaneous things, while also getting hibernation-worthy amounts of sleep and way too much eats. I guess I realised that it's probably my final year to be this free and autonomous before work or the stress of finding it will take over me. Anyway, I'm really happy about you and about me, but what I really need now is some great Japanese food.



Dear battery life,

Where are you?

ever go to IKEA and buy random things for no reason
Ben Sherman suiting event

Weekender for a great weekend :)
Very much needed drinks after an all day lesson

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