Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Darkness is also your friend - Nokia Lumia 925 Launch Night

We all know that in photography, lighting is your best friend so it was always a problem taking pictures indoors or in low light situations. One thing I hated was going to restaurants and taking pictures of food in low light (cos we love taking pictures of food ok). Thanks heaps to Fuel Communications and Ms Sennnaa for having me at the launch night of the Lumia 925. It's such a sleek and stylish phone with a modern large screen and it's super slim and lightweight. I get to try the phone out for two weeks and I can't get enough of it! None of the photos were edited. Most of the photos that night were taken under extreme low light and no flash. It's an awesome phone for me to use when I go to events and parties!

One of the biggest selling points of this phone is its photo capabilities. It is by far the best camera in low light situations and to prove it, the whole event was hosted in the dark! The performers had glow in the dark paint and there was mostly only black light to show off the paint and one of the centrepieces of the night, a Kaleidoscopic dress by Tess Tavener Hanks who is submitting it for her HSC. Her piece was also showcased at Vivid Sydney. The dress and headpiece weighs over 16 kgs and the model stood there for most of the night showcasing its beauty.

 It was an awesome evening with well organised performances, presentations and theming. The set up of the event was great, with an MC so that people knew what was going on. The performances were spectacular and Tess' piece fit the theming extremely well and was very interesting for the guests. The catering was also great at Simmer On The Bay. Claps for the events team.

Yum food.. There as also pizza and other finger food.

The camera along with the phone's display is an instant win for me and my friends who were all very impressed by the results. Clear and bright pictures indoors and in very low light! These photos look amazing on the phone, you have to see it to believe it. The phone also boasts many other capabilities. I particularly enjoyed playing around with the Nokia Smart Cam function which took 10 photos at once, although as with all burst photography, the quality is lower. This however, allowed the creation of a composite movement image, it can also choose the best shot for you, compose a perfect picture if someone has blinked in the photo and allows the removal of unwanted objects like very BAD photobombs. I also loved the maps feature which allowed you to point the camera at where you are and up pops the names of all the shops on the screen. If you haven't had a try at all the awesome features go into any phone store today and test it out. I haven't had this fun with technology in ages.

But overall, once again it was the sleek and fashionable design along with a beautiful low light camera which were very big yeses for me.

At The Rocks. These photos all were taken at night with no flash and no editing. Yet they turned out amazing.

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