Thursday, 22 August 2013

The Op Shop Diaries - Leather Jacket

24 July 2013

I don't exactly remember when I bought this jacket but I deduced that it was more than 4 weeks ago and I knew it was a Wednesday so I guess that's the date. Woah, it's already been 4 weeks. Oh that's right, its the end of Week 4 at uni. Yeah mid sessions and quizzes are approaching me fast.

Anyway, I got this at Paddington St. Vincent de Paul and there were quite a few good things there. I was at Paddington because I was running all around Sydney trying to find 110 mm film for the Agfamatic 2008 Camera... found nothing except at Blender Gallery and then later at MCA. I think op-shopping at Paddington and finding something that was pretty nice got me into op-shopping.

Alongside this jacket I saw an Industrie leather jacket for $35 (I think) but it had cigarette stains or mould at the back or something and the zipper didn't work (I probably wouldn't zip it anyway). It was gone when I went today to develop the film, so someone probably knew what to do with it. Leather jackets are really cool cos they can be worn in a very structured or very unstructured way. On the same day I splurged on 'that' Pierre Balmain leather jacket. So I guess I didn't really thrift at all, taking the day as a whole.

Isn't my bathroom beautiful?

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