Friday, 7 June 2013

Age of Intimacy Evening: Cotton Candy

The first of a series of performances and intimate evenings, 'Cotton Candy' by Australian cult lingerie label Age of Intimacy in collaboration with A Series of Fortunate Events was to raise awareness for beyondblue, an organisation targeting depression and anxiety. This intimate evening boasted theatrics and dancing, on top of a fashion show. Greeted at the door by fire-spinning and fire-eating performances, I made my way up to Studio501 where contortionists and acrobatic performances were already making a scene.

I think I had way too much cotton candy (and possible cupcakes - no you can't have too many cupcakes) for the rest of the year in just one night (actually I can't remember the last time I even had cotton candy). Luckily the lighting made everything inside pink because my face goes red with the tiniest bit of alcohol (and it was unlimited ;D). But it was just pink everywhere so it wasn't good for the iPhone to take photos.

"You have to be sexy." "Oh do I?" - Alex
Everyone at the function was really approachable and it was great to also talk to the models at the show about the label, about what they do, what they have done, and just everything in between.

I really enjoyed the short campaign projected onto the back to promote the label. It was a very creative and mysterious piece. The fashion show started at about 8:30 pm and everyone had a lot of fun but most people left right after. Unfortunately I felt that there wasn't enough done to promote the cause except that guests all received a beyondblue wrist band upon entry.


Contortionists, acrobats, fire performers

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