Wednesday, 5 June 2013

LOOKBOOK | Burning Blue

Haven't been on lookbook for a while. Anyway, back to studying for finals after this.

Burning Blue is a feeling, it's a carefree but strong feeling. It's about a blue flame burning in your heart. It's about feeling the strength of blue; when your soul is burning blue. Because even if my body perishes, my soul is still burning blue. Cecil is on my heart.

Keep on shouting, keep on fighting, burnin ' blue.

KIT Linea Sunglasses
I enjoy the white frame and blue in the sunglasses a lot. Sunglasses, the brighter the better, the louder the better for this look. I bought a few more similar pairs.

Lonely Kids Club Cecil Navy Stripe Tee
Turning up the boring stripe tee with a Cecil pocket is amazingly stylish.

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