Saturday, 29 June 2013


Yanagawa Arashi's label, JOHN LAWRENCE SULLIVAN is an excellent dose of Japanese fashion with a European twist. The collection has so many interesting looks that are so fresh and structured that it captures the best of both world. All the looks are posted here.

I'm excited about all the jackets and blazers in the collection. They're so well put together and the designs are so wearable but at the same time, super interesting. Yes I do love blue and black together and big checks are big ticks for me.

I also like the move away from 'vintage' because I feel that so many labels are just resting on that. Yanagawa's step forward with the bold leather backpacks and the whole shiny plastic looks are great this season. Really liking the black mesh top with red underneath because black and red is also super cool. Great caps also. The shoes were less striking this season compared to its FW range but I'm still very happy about everything :D

Electric Blue

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