Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Classically Elaborate Menswear - D&G SS14!

Are large graphics still in? D&G says yes. The boastful Italian luxury brand (one of my favourites since 2010) has returned to its roots (Sicily, not of a giant tree), digging up inspiration from the mythos. The iconic statutes and architecture create such a nostalgic feel to the pieces this season. No more strikingly bold colours like that of SS13 (which really reminded me of Italian food somehow) but going for something much more classically aesthetic, kind of playing it safe though.


I really enjoy the colours because D&G always does an excellent job with gold-ish tones. They also always have the best shoes. There were so many looks showcased at Milan Fashion Week in front of a giant tree and if you want to see them all, they're going to be posted on my Tumblr here. You gotta love the D&G fashion show where in the end, a swarm of fashion walks towards you in black suits.

For SS, D&G is also great at creating loose fitting tops, and as with every season, it's a reminder of the Mediterranean life-at-sea heritage. It's also good to see loose fitting tops because that sort of cutting is much more like how we imagine fabric was worn in those times. It's quite paradoxical and interesting to look like plebeians but to wear such elaborate and luxurious prints. Overall I enjoy the colours and cutting of the pieces the most.

My picks:
All that glitters probably is gold


  1. I love the gold suit!! <3
    One day you will have one too and strut it! wooo~
    Photoshoot and catch up time next week! KAY!
    Oh oh~ I also nominated you for the liebster award so yeh!
    Go check out what to do okay :P

    -Miss Sennnaa