Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Suck Is Free aw2013 - U KNOW I AM NO GOOD

Thanks to A Series Of Fortunate Events, I'm crazily excited to be involved in the launch event of S I F in Australia this month, a Hong Kong born fashion label. Suck Is Free is releasing their AW collection.

This label is everything fun and pop culture, everything current and retro, everything crazy and a little bad. The unique prints are appropriated from hallucinogenic visions which reveal a lot of character and attitude. The in-your-face boldness of the look ties in well with it's likeable obnoxiousness.

Also, just from their sample range, there is a lot of texture at work, reminding me of Japanese street fashion tied in with HK freshness in the look. It feels a lot like mix and match to create a super unique look to reflect anyone's loud personality. If we number them left to right, I think I'm quite crazy about the 7th look. The treble clefs are such interesting additions to the whole look.

Looks like it's going to be a crazy launch night.

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