Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Being a Watch Guy - Obsession with watches

I always think accessories are the most important things in an outfit. They give hints about so many stories, so many stories of you. The thing is, because it isn't like a piece of clothing and it is chosen specifically and individually, accessories tell a lot about what is conscious as well as sub-conscious about a person. Currently I am really obsessed with watches. I love their look and I also like how they are practical things. I know a lot of people think why would you wear a watch when you have a phone to check the time, but watches are more than just practical things. Using something as what it actually is has long become a thing of the past. Everything these days can be a fashion statement or serve another purpose. I wish I could afford to collect watches (although not in the sense like some people who collect vintage Rolexes and Chopards for investment purposes but) to wear and to look at and keep at home - I want to collect these 'fashion' watches which aren't really expensive but still, it's time to work hard $$$. I really like the boxes that come with the watches too. I don't know, I want to be a watch guy haha.

Sean O'Pry is too cool. Patrick Demarchelier is crazy good. Maybe I'll get one from Calvin Klein just cos they're cool.

I'm actually at uni trying to do my assignment now but since my laptop is on low battery I don't really have the will to do it. Plus, it's too hard to start. I'll try again tonight when I get home.. or maybe tomorrow. I'm almost always watch hunting anyway, even when I'm in class I'm probably on some website hunting cool watches (... that I can afford LOL).

I have some watches from ODM which are basically the same watch in a few different colours just to match or clash with what I'm wearing on the day. I think they have really innovative watches especially with the futuristic or retro designs accompanied by bright and bold colours. But I know a part of me has moved on from these watches (they look like jelly watches and are good for teens). Mens watches are so stylishly crafted and timeless.

In recent years, FOSSIL group watches have become very strong in their designs, some associated brands like DIESEL and Marc by Marc Jacobs are extremely popular with the younger market due to their more outspoken nature and more interesting, non-traditional designs. I also like big chunky watches. They are full of personality and I think that's the thing about accessories - each piece has its own personality and choosing the right one will reflect yours. Watches that look very mechanical and NOT modest are my favourite. I love their boastful nature and they grab so much attention. I have had countless comments about my DIESEL watch and I kind of wish that I got the even bigger one, actually maybe not, the other one is as big as my head. I have the silver DIESEL Only The Brave watch (from 2012, the one on Coco Rocha) - I never knew they had it in rose gold, I always wanted a rose gold watch.

Last year I was online shopping and a Marc by Marc Jacobs watch was on sale and I really wanted it but I missed out and I couldn't find it again. I have no idea even on the model number and I never see it in stores. Maybe I have seen it again but it didn't look as amazing as it did then so I never recognise it and never proceeded to buy it. Anyway I ended up getting the Sloane watch in black. I wish the face was bigger.

Last month, for my birthday, Ms Sennnaa got me a watch from Guess. When I first got it I really liked it cos it looked more interesting than other chronograph watches but the more I wore it the more I liked it. It's the main watch I wear now. I think the DIESEL is sometimes too big and it's good to choose something more modest for everyday wear and it also doesn't get in the way. I think we can grow attached to watches. I never leave home without one (well mostly anyway).


  1. Watches are the best, and oh so practical!! You don't have to pull out your phone to check the time with a watch, just glance down at your wrist. I'm more the kinda person who just owns and wears one watch at a time, and right now I'm hoping to make the Raymond Weil Noemia watch mine for life for my 21st!

  2. oh that looks good.
    one watch at a time is good, it makes it signature to you, but at the same time i like having multiple and changing it up here and there depending on what i feel like on the day lol
    plus its even better to make multiple things signature to you

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