Saturday, 21 September 2013

New Page.

So today was my last day at work. I know I'll miss that place, the people, the work culture and all the shenanigans - and all the laidbackness. It's weird to quit tutoring and wanting to go into retail and quite a few people are surprised that I want to move into a new job that has nothing to do with my uni degree. I don't know though, it's just something I want to do right now, at least for a year or so. I wouldn't say that this was a dumb decision but in life, sometimes we are so wayward we want to make a 'dumb decision' just because it makes us happy. It will be more challenging for me. It will be tougher, longer hours, less time for study and less free time in general. Everyday will be more hectic but the idea of being busy is so rewarding to me. I just want to never stop right now. I don't know if it is more right to make myself happy right now or if it is more right to work towards a future that I don't even know if I will enjoy. I'll have to hold off internship related stuff for a while. Maybe this doesn't seem like a big decision to other people, but right now it's changing a lot of what I think I will apprehend. I'll do my best. Grow upper.


  1. OMG TONZ, YOU QUIT?!??!?! :O Nice!!! Have you got a retail job lined up then, or are you starting to look now? I don't think it's very surprising at all, but I suspect those people don't know you as well. You are so into fashion that it doesn't surprise me. Welcome to the club though! Let me know if/when you get a retail job, and we shall catch up and discuss our lives so far! :)

  2. I did, it felt kind of sudden. I think a new place would be really fun but I will miss the people there. Everyone is really nice and cool, we're all kinda the same age and stuff u know