Sunday, 1 September 2013

Instadigest | 2013 Winter

It's Spring time, although Winter wasn't relenting this year at all. I actually had quite a lot going on and I couldn't pick out only 6 photos from my instagram which represented this time completely, but I guess I had to make a decision and here are some of the most characterising moments for me this Winter. Plus, I kinda blogged about other lifey things in the Op-shop and Cologne diaries.
(30+ days x 3 months)/ 6 photos = 15+ days
So I guess mathematically, each photo should represent more than 15 days.

Left: Birthday month takes priority of course ;) Thanks to everyone (especially my mum and sis for flying to visit me), and especially for the love from all your shrivelled up black hearts :D
Right: Hanging out with Chrissy around The Rocks and The Observatory! The day was pretty tiring actually but it was super fun and one of the many good days I had during the break from uni. More photos here.

Left: Splurge day. Hi Pierre Balmain. I am very poor now but this jacket is an investment and leather jackets last forever anyway.
Right: The launch of SUCK IS FREE at +ESTATEofMIND. A great party and launch of a Sydney label. Check out my post here and the outfit post here. I had such an awesome time!

Left: Shooting with ensofoto! It was really thrilling and embarrassing doing this in public LOL. It was much more challenging then I thought. The finished photos are here and the outfit post is here.
Right: At the NOKIA Lumia 925 Launch Night. The dress was also showcased at Vivid Sydney 2013. Awesome night and super great planning. Check out more about the night here.

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